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At Qatargas, we value and take pride in many things. This commitment for excellence has enabled us to become pioneers in the global Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industry, creating steady growth, advancing operational excellence and establishing the highest levels of safety and environmental performance all having contributed to Qatargas becoming the largest LNG producing company in the world.  This has been a part of our significant contribution towards the State of Qatar achieving a goal of producing a combined production capacity of 77 million tonnes of LNG per annum and securing customers from all corners of the world.

While acknowledging the strides we have made, one thing that we at Qatargas place at the very heart of our priorities is our corporate citizenship. Ingrained deeply into the foundation of our success is a consciousness that places corporate citizenship on par with Qatargas’ commitment for innovation, operating excellence, environmental responsibility and our people.

We strongly believe that as a global leader in the global energy industry, we do not operate in isolation. On the contrary, we believe Qatargas is intrinsically linked with the communities and environments in which we operate, wherever they may be around the world.  We are keenly aware that this link brings us opportunities as well as responsibilities, not only in terms of business success but also in terms of environmental, social and ethical aspects of our business.

Qatargas is committed to operating in ways that reflect our values, where we look to create partnerships with the community based on trust, ingenuity, innovation and collaboration. That is why as a global leader in the energy sector we have chosen to align social investments with our business objectives, whilst at the same time working with dedication to create and maintain partnerships that promote the long-term economic, environmental, and social value of the communities in which we operate.

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