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Qatarization at Qatargas

The development of the Qatari workforce, through proper education and training, is now a primary national objective designed to enhance the development of the country. The plan includes all operating and non-operating companies in Qatar's energy and industry sector. The objective is quality Qatarization. Qatargas Qatarization and national development and recruitment aim to follow the country’s strategy toward achieving the targeted 50% of Qatarization through the proper development & placement of talented nationals in the workforce.

The recruitment team

Qatargas recruitment team consists of a dedicated staff to support the Qatarization vision. One of our core missions is to recruit highly qualified and committed nationals who are ready to achieve their personal objectives and contribute to the overall success of Qatargas. We do this through participating in various national and international events such as Qatar annual career fair, universities career fairs, sponsorship events, and overseas campaigns. The recruitment division has solid relationships with universities and high schools to facilitate the process of sourcing national talent. In addition, we look after our national employees through completing their recruitment formalities and induction program in a timely and caring way. We are also committed to provide prompt responses to queries about career opportunities at Qatargas at any time.

Qatarization division

Qatarization team is responsible for the management of the talent pipeline for nationals in line with the Qatargas Qatarization strategy. We work with line departments to develop the Individual Development Plans (IDPs) of our Qatari candidates to help build their competence while monitoring progression through their development towards their confirmation into established positions.

The Qatarization division and learning and development department host an annual event “CEO forum” for all national graduates under Qtargas development program. The forum focuses on the development of Qatargas’ Qatari national employees; and their contribution towards achieving the company’s vision .“ Qatargas will be the world’s premier Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) company. We will be known for our people, innovation, operating excellence and corporate social responsibility”. This Forum is traditionally one of a number of platforms, which provides an opportunity, for Qatari national graduates and trainees, to address the Qatargas management, contribute to decision making and gives them a chance to feel that their voices continue to be heard.

On a yearly basis, the CEO of Qatargas recognizes national graduates, trainees, and coaches with best performance and achievements awards in the event. Qatargas continues to foster an innovative, rigorous pursuit of excellence in the industry. The CEO forum at Qatargas represents a fine example of the commitment made by the company’s senior management to its national workforce and it helps forge a strong relationship between the young professionals and their coaches.

The CEO forum for national graduates and trainees

The CEO forum for national graduates and trainees 1 The CEO forum for national graduates and trainees 2

Qatargas wins award for Qatarization drive

qatargas b28 May 2011: Qatargas has won, for the second consecutive year, the prestigious Qatarization award, given during the energy and industry sector’s 11th annual award ceremony, for the company’s contribution towards the category of “Support for Training and Development” as a part of the Qatar national vision 2030.

His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Bin Saleh Al Sada, Minister of Energy & Industry, presented the Qatarization award to Khalid Bin Khalifa Al Thani, Chief Executive Officer of Qatargas in a recent ceremony. A total of 40 companies competed in three categories of the award: support for Qatarization, support for training & development and support & liaison with the education sector.

Qatargas has introduced a comprehensive and full-fledged development program for the nationals joining its workforce.

The leading features of this program include a tailor-made Individual Development Program (IDP) for every Qatari national joining Qatargas, a competence framework from which nationals can see a clear picture of the competences they need to develop a national graduate handbook which provides graduates with guidance and support to ensure the development process is on track, and quarterly counseling for each national graduate by a career development specialist.

As the percentage of female graduates coming into the job market increases, Qatargas has developed a “Women in the Workplace Program” to assist Qatari ladies, with career orientation, to build individual capability, and collective support amongst themselves, so that they can be operated effectively, efficiently and productively in the workplace.

Awards in Qatarization

Qatarization Award - May 2010 Qatarization Award - May 2011

Qatarization Award - May 2010

Qatarization Award - May 2011



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