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Qatargas reaches two major safety milestones

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Doha – Qatar, 13 August 2016:  Qatargas recently achieved two commendable safety milestones, with its Operations Group completing 13 million man-hours without a Lost Time Injury (LTI) and the Ventures Department completing 12 million man-hours without an LTI.

The Operations Group completed an entire year without an LTI, with all employees and contractors working safely at our world class LNG facilities. The Ventures Department completed three years of work without LTI, with approximately 800 employees and contractors demonstrating safe working practices on more than 200 projects.

At Qatargas, the World’s Premier LNG Company, safety is a key pillar, and a core value shared by employees and contractors alike. These important milestones showcase the Company’s commitment to its Incident and Injury Free (IIF) culture, and the Company’s management has spared no effort in providing systems, tools and a supportive environment to reinforce the importance of safety. Within Qatargas, strong leadership, dedication to safe working practices, and exceptional teamwork from all employees and contractors make such accomplishments possible.

Major projects that were undertaken by the Ventures Department during this period included the Helium project, the Waste Water Treatment Plant, Waste Water Reduction Project, Berth 4 Dolphins rehabilitation, and shutdown projects of various LNG trains. Most of these projects were executed during normal operations without hampering production and in accordance with stringent safety standards.

The main success factors behind this achievement were regular mandatory safety training programmes, targeted safety campaigns, and effective full time supervision. This achievement stems from the Qatargas Direction Statement, which details the Company’s commitment to the core safety principle of sustaining an IIF work-place, and promoting mutual and genuine care for our people.



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