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Amazing Facts About Qatargas 2

Qatargas 2 project is the world’s first fully integrated value chain LNG venture. It involves the development of two world class liquefied natural gas (LNG) trains each with a capacity of 7.8 million tones per annum (mtpa) and 0.85 mtpa of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), 140,000 bpd of condensate, three storage tanks, power utilities and water injection systems, a fleet of 14 ships and a receiving terminal.

Facts and achievements about the project:

  • Qatargas 2 venture is a first of its kind including 15 ‘mega-projects’ within its scope.
  • With Qatargas 2, Qatar will be capable of supplying up to 20% of the United Kingdom’s gas needs.
  • Qatar’s reserves could meet all the UK’s gas needs for 250 years.
  • More than fifty nationalities make up the Qatargas Workforce.

Onshore Construction:

  • 30,000 people from 50 nationalities worked to create Qatargas 2.
  • Qatargas 2 contains enough cable to stretch from Doha to London.
  • Every month, 11.2 million man hours were worked on site.
  • Consumtion of: 31,000,000 gals of water, 3,000,000 litres of diesel, 1200 trucks of sandand 300 trucks of cement.
  • The two trains are powered by a state-of-the-art generating unit producing 200 megawatts of electricity, enough power to run a small town.
  • Over 300,000 separate systematic tests were carried out before commissioning each train.
  • The natural gas is reduced to 1/600th from its original volume, similar to a large beach ball shrinking down to a tiny golf-ball!.

Offshore construction:

  • All thirty wells were completed a full 27 rig-months ahead of schedule.
  • Some of the pre-fabricated modules weighed up to 1000 tons, that’s around 700 family cars! (average 1500 kgs).
  • The three platforms combined will produce 2.9 billion cu ft of gas per day, four thousand hot air balloons! (average vol. 77000 cu).
  • The gas flows to Ras Laffan under its own natural pressure, no need for pumps!.
  • Qatargas 2 saw the fastest wells ever drilled in the North Field. The record now stands at 14,500 feet of rock in just 33 days, nearly 20 feet per hour!.
  • Over 4,500 coral colonies were carefully detached from the seafloor, numbered, tagged and moved to new locations. 18 months later, 96% were not only alive but flourishing.
  • Even though the main pipelines are over 34” wide and made from carbon steel almost an inch thick, they still bend and curve at remarkable angles.

Shipping and Vessels:

  • The Q-Max will carry 9.5 million cu of LNG that’s enough to fill London’s Royal Albert Hall, three times over.
  • By the delivery of the last ship in July 2010, Qatar’s large LNG vessels will constitute 18% of the total LNG ships in the world’s fleet representing 25% of the world’s LNG shipping capacity.
  • The Q-Flex and Q-Max vessels reduce the cost of transportation by approx 30% whilst reducing CO2 emissions by 30% per tonne of cargo carried.
  • A Q-Max has 51,000 installed horsepower engine for propulsion which is equivalent to over 100 Ferrari F430 sports cars.

South Hook Receiving Terminals:

  • South Hook is Europe’s largest LNG terminal.
  • South Hook will have the capacity to provide 20% of the UK’s gas needs.
  • Qatar’s total reserves could meet all the UK’s gas needs for 250 years.
  • 1.5 million cubic metres of earth were removed to provide a hollow in which the five storage tanks would be less visible.


  • Environmental Vision in the Energy Sector 2008, Qatar Today Green Awards, Doha.
  • Best Project 2008, Excellence in Energy Awards, Dubai.
  • HSE Milestone Award 2007, NPCC Annual HSE and Quality Day, Abu Dhabi.
  • Best HSE Support Award 2007, NPCC Annual HSE and Quality Day, Abu Dhabi.


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