​direction statement​​​


To be the world's premier LNG company, renowned for setting higher standards of excellence in what we do.


We develop, produce, and sell hydrocarbons globally from the largest natural gas field in the world. While doing so, we relentlessly seek to achieve higher standards of excellence:

  • World-class HSSE standards that ensure the safety of our people and compel us to act as responsible stewards of the environment

  • A high-performing national and international workforce with deep capabilities and skillsets

  • Top asset performance through effective and efficient operations

  • Utmost supply reliability and flexibility to our customers through the largest integrated asset portfolio in the LNG industry

As a result, we are able to contribute superior value to the State of Qatar and our stakeholders, and positively impact society.​


Safet​y: ​​We protect our people by upholding the highest standards for safety behaviours. We protect our assets and the environment by being compliant and aware of our impact.​​​

High-performance culture:​​​​ We foster a culture of learning, continuous development, and innovation. We remove all roadblocks to the success of our people by creating a working environment that brings out their very best.

Excellence:​​ ​We strive for excellence in all business aspects. We push ourselves to achieve more, and in doing so, we bring our vision to life.​​

Customer focus:​​ We commit to offering high-quality products and services to our customers. We continually devise new ways to improve our offering to customers, and we adapt to meet their changing needs.

IntegrityWe do business in an ethical and transparent manner and always consider that the actions of each individual reflect on the company as a whole.​