Position Title
Commercial Specialist (NFE Offshore)
Position Level
Senior Staff
Requisition Number
Commercial, Assoc.Products & Flowing Gas
Job Description
The commercial representation of the Company’s operated joint ventures in regards to the design, development, negotiation, interpretation, implementation and delivery of executed commercial agreements or resolutions for commercial issues required to enable project developments to proceed and base operations to continue.

Leading and involved in numerous, concurrent negotiations, very likely of CCSI nature, any time.
 Developing and drafting agreements that are often complex, among multiple parties and stakeholders and such parties often having divergent goals and business interests.
 Very broad scope and accountabilities – covers 10 different Shareholders, 12 different Joint Ventures and 12 different Common/Shared Facilities across multiple disciplines including legal, venture accounting, project management, operations and engineering.
 The design and development basis of the proposed commercial framework / resolution are directly reviewed by Shareholders.
 Commercial deliverable is routinely performed under significant time pressures as it is key to timely project gate execution.
 Major challenge includes securing full alignment from stakeholders, both internal and external, requiring well-structured negotiations in accordance with complex Foundation Agreements.
 The nature of the Company’s operation is a number of shared facilities (Common Facilities) jointly owned by independent parties; commercial challenge is to balance the related commercial agreements capturing operational synergies and economies of scale while respecting fiscally independent companies and preserving the respective ventures integrity.
 Commercial activities impact multi-billion dollar strategic Major Project undertakings.
 Contracts range from US$1 million to over multi-billion.

Key Job Accountabilities :

1. Initiate and lead the cross-functional team to design, plan for and develop the commercial framework for issue resolution.
Qatargas Operating Company Ltd Position Number
2. Negotiate on behalf of participating Ventures, within a pre-approved mandate, multi-partite agreements related to project execution, operations, usage of common facilities and/or other shared infrastructure, facilities sharing, provision of power and utilities.
3. Lead the full development, negotiation and execution of Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) for Condensate, Propane & Pipeline Natural Gas between Ventures as well as with external customers.
4. Lead the functional review of agreements and amendments by appropriate groups and management levels within the Company prior to securing requisite Board approvals and execution and eventually the timely handover of executed agreements for implementation by appropriate parties and support and/or facilitate the implementation process as needed.
5. Formulate recommendations for effective stewardship of relevant agreements to preserve the value of such agreements to the Company.
6. Develop the Ventures’ positions on common facilities-related matters such as capacity buy-ins, agreement amendments and budget development, oversight and stewardship.
7. Represent Owners in periodic Common Facility Technical Committee and Management Committee meetings, and respective venture asset team meetings.
8. Develop and maintain clear documentation and accessibility to existing agreements or agreements under development, as well as a record of the tasks required to fully comply with effective agreements.
9. The Subject Matter Expert on the background and interpretation regarding existing agreements in support of the Company’s operation, finance and other departments’ implementation of such agreements.
10. Seek to continuously improve existing processes and procedures and champion and implement updates processes and procedures as appropriate.
Required Qualification
Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Business or equivalent
Required Experience
15 years of experience in the commercial field of oil and gas industry including 8 years of specific experience in leading, negotiating and constructing commercial agreements related to the development and operation of large-scale oil and gas projects.  Advanced understanding of joint venture operations and related commercial governance for an international oil and gas development and LNG value chain. Advanced understanding of Contracting and Developing Agreements, and Commercial Project Management.  Advanced negotiation, influencing and interpersonal skills.  Strong commercial acumen, ability to articulate commercial principles and effectively reflect negotiated and agreed terms in contractual text.  Strong understanding of additional disciplines including essential corporate legal governance, joint venture asset control and accounting, project management, operations and engineering, principles of joint interest / operated-by-other.  Strong numerical and financial analytical skills, time management and planning skills and the ability to model, interpret and analyse commercial agreements.  High attention to detail, excellent written and spoken English with the ability to develop and present formal presentations to internal, external and senior audiences.
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