Qatargas’ Common Sulfur Plant achieves historic processing milestone

Doha - Qatar - 19 September 2021

It is with a tremendous sense of pride that the Common Sulfur Plant (CSP) operated by RLTO & Refining marked an important milestone in the plant's history. As of last month, August 2021, CSP and the members of a multi-disciplinary team who manage its operations were able to reach in excess of 10,000 tonnes of sulfur processed per day.

CSP, located in Ras Laffan Industrial City, serves as one of the world's largest sulfur processing plants. Sulfur is extracted in liquid form from natural gas that flows from the North Field into multiple gas plants based in Ras Laffan. CSP converts this liquid sulfur into solid granules for temporary storage, then ships it to markets around the world where it is used for fertilizer and other valuable products.

​The milestone of 10,000 tonnes per day is an especially important achievement since attaining this level of processing was mission critical for various operators based in Ras Laffan. This achievement also highlights the exceptional skill and determination of the CSP Operations and Maintenance teams to ensure the continuous reliability of the plant in a highly complex operating environment.

CSP was successful in expanding its operating scope to include additional sulfur generated from Barzan while managing the introduction of two new granulators with the support of the highly efficient and dedicated Project, Operations and Contractors teams.

Khalid bin Khalifa Al Thani, Chief Executive Officer, Qatargas, stated, “In recognition of attaining this business-critical milestone, I wish to extend my congratulations to all those involved in the delivery of this important mission for CSP. The personnel in CSP Operations, Maintenance, Production Planning, Engineering, Projects, Business Scheduling, as well as our contractors, asset leadership, sulfur producers in Ras Laffan and world-wide customers, have all contributed to this success."

The Qatargas CEO was also appreciative of the team's efforts, adding, “Thank you to our talented team for helping us attain this amazing milestone and realizing this proud moment in CSP's history. I look forward to achieving our next future milestone and building upon our collective success."