Qatargas Review Achievements at Annual Town Hall

Doha – Qatar - 7 December 2016

Qatargas, the World's Premier LNG Company, recently held its 18th Annual Town Hall meetings in Doha and Al Khor, Qatar. The Town Hall meetings are an open forum for employees to meet with Qatargas' Chief Executive Officer and Management Leadership Team for discussions on the Company's performance and strategic goals for the year ahead.

After a review of the Company's achievements in 2016, Khalid Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, Chief Executive Officer, Qatargas, was joined by the Management Leadership Team for an open discussion with Qatargas employees.

In opening the Town Hall Meeting, the Corporate Planning Department highlighted an array of achievements from the year under review. Noteworthy achievements included a stellar safety performance which saw Qatargas record its best safety performance since the Company was established in 1984.  With zero lost time injuries and a 36% reduction in recordable injuries, the Company's Incident and Injury Free culture continues to safeguard employees, contractors and facilities across the entire Company. Qatargas was also awarded the Shell 'Goal Zero' Award in recognition of its outstanding safety performance.

In addition to the exceptional safety achievements, Qatargas maintained focus on valued customers and extended their client portfolio. During 2016, the Company recorded zero late deliveries and zero off-specification deliveries, whilst simultaneously welcoming new customers from the United Kingdom and Pakistan. Furthermore, Qatargas signed a Memorandum of Understanding with leading industry participants to explore the development of LNG as a marine fuel. Such initiatives demonstrate Qatargas' commitment and innovative approach to identifying and developing new market opportunities through collaboration and strategic partnerships.​