Qatargas completes Treated Industrial and Process Water project

Doha - Qatar - 11 December 2019

​Qatargas Operating Company Limited (Qatargas) has successfully commissioned and achieved stable operation of a key environmental project for the reuse of treated industrial water within its facilities in Ras Laffan Industrial City (RLIC). 

The Treated Industrial and Process Water (TIPW) facility is now fully operational and Qatargas has recently held a ceremony to mark this milestone, attended by the Company’s senior management and shareholder representatives. 

The TIPW facility was developed by Qatargas in line with directives from Qatar Petroleum and the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MoME). Leveraging the state-of-the-art water processing technology, the TIPW facility removes contaminants in the wastewater through biological treatment, ultra-filtration and Reverse Osmosis purification to achieve water purity on the same level of the desalinated water. This facility can reprocess up to 275 cubic metres per hour of treated industrial wastewater generated from the Qatargas South LNG plant.

This new facility helps Qatargas eliminate discharge of almost all of the treated industrial and process water. Prior to the completion of the project, excess treated water of irrigation quality was used to be discharged to the buffer zone, an approved and designated area in RLIC. The water, going to the buffer zone, was being used to irrigate native plants in a fenced and access-controlled area of 500,000 square metres. Thanks to this facility, the treated water can now be reused in the Qatargas South LNG plant. 

The facility was commissioned and commenced operation in August 2019 without any recordable injury and this demonstrates the continuous focus on safety management in the development and commissioning of projects in Qatargas. 

Implementation of this project underscores Qatargas’ emphasis on sustainability and its commitment to reducing its environmental footprint in line with Qatar National Vision 2030. The QNV 2030 calls for striking a harmonious balance between the developmental needs of the State of Qatar and protection of its precious natural resources including air, land, water and biodiversity. This is a commitment Qatargas always makes and keeps, and the TIPW facility is a clear manifestation of this commitment. 

The successful completion and stable operation of the plant were achieved as a result of excellent coordination and close collaboration between various organisations within Qatargas.​