Qatargas holds its first post-integration Town Hall session

Doha - Qatar - 8 December 2018

​​Qatargas, the World's Premier Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Company, held its first Town Hall meeting on 5th December, almost a year into the successful integration of Qatargas and RasGas at the Qatar National Convention Centre. 

The annual Town Hall meetings are an open forum for employees to meet with Qatargas' Chief Executive Officer and the Management Leadership Team for discussions on the Company's performance, developments and strategic goals for the year ahead.

During the meeting, the Corporate Planning Department outlined the Company's strategic goals for the next five years which include expanding and sustaining LNG production and ensure readiness to operate; completing Qatargas Management Systems (
QGMS) integration and its effective implementation to maintain pr emier performance; achieving Qatarization targets through a skill-based Qatarization strategy; while attracting and retaining qualified people to maintain optimum skills and experience levels in the business.

The strategic goals also include improving uptime availability, reliability and utilisation of the LNG plants to achieve full plant capacity and meet supply rights; enhancing and promoting reliability culture across the organisation to drive efficiency; maximising revenue by penetrating new markets; maximising customer satisfaction while retaining contractual and financial performance; and gaining competitive advantage through flexibility.

The Company's 2018 achievements in a number of key areas including safety, health and environmental (SHE) performance; high calibre workforce; efficient and reliable operations; financial performance; and customer satisfaction were also reviewed in the meeting.

In SHE sector, Qatargas maintained a strong flaring performance ahead of the target; won the prestigious Qatar Sustainability Award for its
JettyBoil Off Gas recovery facility; successfully achieved the best process safety performance with zero high potential (hipo) incidents; and completed the Zero Liquid Discharge Project in Laffan Refinery 2 which positively helps our environment.

As for the efficient and reliable operations, the Company's LNG production this year was on target while sustaining strong reliability performance of 97.6%; achieved a very strong Laffan Refinery reliability of 99.7% ahead of current year targets; completed three major shutdowns safely; and awarded the North Field expansion Front End Engineering Design (FEED) and Barzan Pipeline Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracts.

The Company signed a
newlong term Sale and Purchase Agreement (22 year) with PetroChina and achieved new sales to Petrobangla, Bangladesh and Pavilion Gas, Singapore. Regarding customer satisfaction, Qatargas maintained outstanding flexibility with no off-spec or late deliveries.

A question and answer session followed in which Khalid bin Khalifa Al Thani, Qatargas CEO, and the management team replied to employee's questions and enquiries on work-related matters.