Qatargas reshapes LNG shipping practice

Doha - Qatar - 22 December 2015

​Fot the t​hird time this year, Qatargas Operating Company Limited (Qatargas) has safely and successfully delivered a Q-Flex cargo of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) between multiple ports for a single customer. This innovative method of delivery sets a new benchmark against the established industry practice of loading a single cargo for delivery to a single location.

In March, the Q-Flex vessel Al Safliya delivered a single cargo split between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and India. In August, the Q-Flex vessel Al Aamriya delivered a single cargo split between the Chinese terminals of Fujian and Tianjin. In December, the Q-Flex vessel Duhail delivered the third single cargo split between the Chinese terminals of Zhejiang and Tianjin.

Khalid bin Khalifa Al-Thani, Qatargas Chief Executive Officer, said: 

“Through the hard work and dedication of the Qatargas Commercial and Shipping Group, we have achieved another milestone in our commitment to being the world’s premier LNG Company. The multi-port delivery initiative demonstrates Qatargas’ unique capabilities to meet and exceed its customers’ needs and is once again leading the industry in providing new and innovative LNG su​pply chain solutions.”

This latest LNG supply chain innovation illustrates Qatargas’ continued efforts to promote increased efficiency and the optimization of business practices. Qatargas’ optimal utilization of the world’s largest chartered LNG Fleet comprising of 13 Q-Max, 19 Q-Flex and 11 Conventional vessels, along with a strong global reputation for safe and reliable operations, uniquely positions Qatargas to support its global customers in an ever changing market.