LTC/F/657/05 [C20]
Tender Free (QR)
Tender Bond (QR)
10% of Bid Value
Bid Closing Date

SALE OF SCRAP MATERIALS[Compressor diaphragm, casing, rotor assembly, Various Scrap metal pipes, stainless steel, office furniture & equipment, telecom materials etc.]

  • Tender documents for the above invitation can be obtained as per following details:

  • Document IssueDate:   From 19th September2005,  till 22nd January2006on any working day i.e. Sunday to Thursday.

  • Document Fee Free of charge

  • Place:  Tender documents can be collected from QATARGAS's Office, 12th Floor, Salam Towers, West Bay, Doha, on any working day. 

  • Tenders shall be accompanied by a Tender Bond issued by one of the Qatari Banks or by a bank operating in Qatar, in accordance with the terms of the tender documents and should be valid for 180 days from the Tender Closing Date.

  • Offer should be valid for120days commencing from the Tender Closing Date.

Duly completed Tender should be delivered in sealed envelopes addressed to THE SECRETARY, LIMITED TENDERS COMMITTEE with the Tender Number clearly marked on the envelope, and should be deposited in the office of theCEO's SECRETARY, 12TH FLOOR, SALAM TOWERS, WEST BAY, DOHA,  not later than 1200 hours on the Tender Closing Datementioned above.