Qatargas' strategy reflects the Company's value of “developing its people and fostering a culture of learning, innovation, diversity, and excellence." This strategy also supports the Qatar National Vision 2030 which promotes human development as a means to achieve sustainable growth.  With wellbeing of the workforce thoroughly grounded in our core values and future vision, Qatargas remains committed to continuously improving the services provided to our employees. By prioritising the ideals of learning, innovation, diversity, and excellence, Qatargas takes a holistic approach to the development of its workforce.​


Qatarization remains a strategic focus for Qatargas, in alignment with QNV 2030. The company is positioning itself to achieve 50% Qatarization of its workforce in established positions by 2030. To achieve this target, Qatargas focuses on hiring, training, and retaining its Qatari employees with an aim to reduce reliance on an international workforce. Each year, the company sets a target for it to increase its perce​ntage of approved permanent budget positions to be held by Qataris.